Parenting Education and Support (PEAS)


Location:                 620 Simms Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22802 (location subject to change)


Phone:                     (540) 564-7200 (for more information and to register for classes)


Summary of Services:              PEAS classes are offered by Rockingham Memorial Hospital’s Community Health department at various locations throughout the Shenandoah Valley over the course of the year in 14-week sessions.  Parents have the opportunity to discuss issues they may be having with other parents who have gone through similar experiences.  Several different classes are offered throughout the area to address issues families may experience with differently aged children.  Classes offered include All About Baby (for parents of children 0-2), The Incredible Years (for parents of children 3-11), and Staying Connected With Your Teen (for parents of children 12-17).

Additionally, parents are invited to bring their children for classes of their own to explore shapes and colors (for babies and toddlers under 3 years of age), build literacy through songs and stories and create crafts (for children 3-5), and learn about prevention and saying no to friends and analyzing peer pressure (for children 6-10)

There is also a GrandPEAS class offered for grandparents to explore issues associated with raising a grandchild.


Schedule:                 Classes offered at various times throughout the year, consult website for newest schedule.


Cost:                         Free 



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